8 Jan

Exercise at the Beach

beach exerciseThere are many exercises one can do at the beach. The beach makes for an ideal space to work out in. There is plenty of room to move around, the temperature is usually agreeable and the scenery is therapeutic. Even the sand offers resistance to feet that tread on it, enhancing exercise. The variety of exercises one can do on the beach are vast. One can engage in high energy workouts like jogging or speed walking, one can exercise in place or one can do gentle exercises like yoga and stretching on the beach.

Jogging or speed walking on the beach is invaluable exercise. It can serve as a commute for some people who can get to where they need to go by way of a beach, or it can double as a therapeutic nature walk with exercise benefits. Moving up and down a beach is an excellent workout for the body’s muscles and cardiovascular system. There is an incredible amount of space to traverse along a beach which ensures a long, healthy work out. The sand’s give makes travel by foot more challenging, which allows for a more intense work out.

If traveling by foot does not interest a person for a workout, they can do a variety of exercises in place on the beach, such as calisthenics and aerobics. The sand’s give still makes for an excellent surface to work out on to tone muscles and strengthen a person at their core. One can do variations of push ups, sit ups, lunges, planks and jogging in place on the beach in order to stay healthy.

And lastly, if intense workouts are not a person’s style, they should engage in yoga and stretching on the beach. One could not hope for a better environment for stretching and yoga than the beach. The environment is peaceful and serene to help a person relax and calm their mind. With their concentration sharp, they can hold a variety of poses that stretch their muscles and refresh their bodies, giving them additional energy and clarity.