28 May


The beach is one of the best places on the Earth which inhabits fun natural features. People usually pay huge sums just to visit the beach and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Certainly, after visiting the beach, there is a soporific effect which comes with it, as you would feel happy and relaxed. The beach has lots of positive effect on an individual both psychologically and physically.

First and foremost, the beach helps in relieving stress. The waves of the beach, and the sun work hand-in-hand to help your body to completely relax, and relieve you from ache and the stress which must have accumulated in your body.

The hormone, Serotonin, is released when you get to the beach, and this hormone is known to give happiness and sound relaxation, and when it is combined with the visuals and sound of the beach, you would bask in the euphoria of the peace and beauty which the beach gives.

Also, those who visit the beach, would attest to the fact that, after spending quite a while on the beach, they usually experience a superb night rest which is none like no other, it is very different from what they would experience after a hard day’s work. For people who suffer from Insomnia, going to the beach from time to time, helps them in sleeping better.

There are three major factors which are known to prevent sleep, and they are: High levels of anxiety and stress, unavailability of physical exhaustion and hormonal imbalances.

In addition to this, the daily dose of vitamin D which you need on a daily basis, can be gotten when you spend just few minutes at the beach. Very little amounts of vitamin D is consumed through food, and most times, it is not usually up to what the body requires daily. However, by spending time on the beach, you would have gotten your dose in full.

Spending time at the beach also gives you the opportunity to exercise. When you run around, you would burn off some of the unwanted fats in your body, as your bones and muscles are strengthened in this process.