21 Jan

Mental Healing at the Beach

beach mental healingThe beach is a favorite place for centering one’s self. Many people the world over find that the solitude of the beach is just the thing they need to get their head on straight. Indeed, all of nature has this calming, reflective effect on people, but there is something about the beach, with its endless horizon and wide open sky that makes us think of it as the world’s peaceful center. You can use the beach to gain mental clarity by praying, meditating, reflecting and relaxing.

  • Prayer. Praying on the beach is an old tradition. Many people associate the beach and the ocean with spirituality, and time at the beach is a religious experience for them. People who pray take advantage of the serenity and awe of the beach to address their higher power and clean out their spiritual closets.
  • Meditation. It is not uncommon to see people on the beach sitting in silence with their eyes closed. Usually, these people are engaged in meditation: the ancient practice of clearing one’s mind in order to be truly in the moment. The beach is the perfect place for meditation. It has all the elements of a profound meditation experience, including silence, a tantalizing sensory experience and interaction with the elements.
  • Reflection. Reflecting upon one’s life is a cognitive-behavioral way of thinking. It calls for critical analysis, self awareness and objectivity. It can be very difficult to reflect on anything in our busy civilized world, but at the beach, we have abundant space and energy to devote to critical thinking about our own lives. It is impossible to make personal progress without some level of reflection, which is why escaping to somewhere like the beach is so critical to our mental health.
  • Relaxation. Do not underestimate the importance of relaxation in our daily lives. Taking time to relax is not only pleasant and desirable as an activity, but it is also vital to our mental health. Going to some place like the beach simply to relax and nothing else is time well spent.