8 Jan

The Beach as a Spiritual Place

spiritual beachMany people feel spiritually connected at the beach. The beach is something of a magical place for many, getting people in touch with nature on a level they can seldom find elsewhere. There are a number of reasons that they beach gets people into a spiritual frame of mind. The beach offers us beautiful natural scenery, a sacred place where the land we dwell on meets the water we cannot inhabit, and a perspective on our place in the world that helps us understand eternity. It is no wonder that we go to the edge of the ocean to search our souls and clear our minds.

The scenery at the beach is naturally beautiful. Everything in front of us is immense at the beach. The sky is expansive and stretches before us over head. The water seemingly goes no forever. The sky and the water meet on the horizon which is an infinite amount of space away from us. The waves crash, the salty wind blows and the gulls cry out. Anyone who has been to the beach knows these familiar sights and sounds and feels something move in their spirit when they associate them with the beach.

There is something spiritual about standing on the edge of a continent and gazing out over the ocean. It is a place where two major elements meet and separate from one another, and the energy is vibrant. This coming together of land and water in such a dramatic way give us a sense of our size as compared to the world. This is humbling and puts many things into perspective for people, who are conscience, observant beings.

The horizon, that is so many miles from where we stand at the beach may as well be an infinite amount of space away from us. It disappears to the human eye around the curvature of the world. We humans have very little sense for eternity, but beholding the end of land and the beginning of ocean represents eternity to us in a way that we can vaguely comprehend.